School Counselling

A program in School Counselling ensures that its learners become aware of counselling techniques, the different school counselling models and the current practices in this regard, and provides thorough knowledge on child psychology and learning difficulties and focuses on praparing the learners of this program for effective implmentation of school counselling programs and discerning the psychological needs of school children for ensring their mental health and providing appropriate guidance.

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Learning Outcomes

A program in School Counselling prepares learners for the effective implementation of counselling strategies. It offers knowledge about the characteristics, role and use of various types of assessments, research methods and evakuation programs. It helps learners assess how to make the correct referrals for meeting the varied needs of the students with regard to their academic, emotional, career related and social issues and ensures effective implementation of preventive strategies as well as intervention strategies. Learners gain expertise in carrying out sessions with not only students but also their parents as well as teachers for counselling purposes and for improving the overall learning environment.


The following topics are integral part of most of the popular School Counselling programs -

Learning Difficulties Introduction to Psychology Development Psychology Psychological Testing
Abnormal Psychology Basic of Counselling, Techniques and Practices Foundation of Mental Health and Adjustment

Programs in School Counselling are apt for graduates and working professionals who are interested in pursuing careers as Student Counselors or insimilar counseling roles.

School Counselling programs directly or indirectly prepare learners for the following job profiles -

  • Student Counselor
  • Education Counselor
  • Admission Counselor
  • Mental Health Case Manager/Counselor
  • Social Service Manager
  • Juvenile Justice Counselor
  • Community Service Manager