International Trade Management

International trade refers to the exchange of products and services across international borders and aims at catering to the requirement for these goods and services. It is through international trade that countries are able to expand their markets and at the same time consumers are able to access those goods and services that are either not available domestically or are available in a very limited amount or at exorbitant prices. International trade renders the market competitive. Hence, having a degree in International Trade Management ensures that you are fully prepared to meet the demands of this dynamic global business field.

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Learning Outcomes

An MBA program in International Trade Management provides information on trade management processes, international markets and various business management practices and helps students gain a global perspective, which is needed to be part of today’s dynamic global workforce.

Students of the MBA program in International Trade Management learn about drafting policy documents for international markets, producing and sourcing services and goods globally, trading policies, cross-border trade and taxes, world trade and foreign exchange as well as exchange of capital, trade promotion, trade issues, fundamentals of risk management with regard to foreign policies, trade management processes and emerging global businesses, among other important subjects. This program develops the ability to recognize and analyze different trends in international markets along with various policies and strategies at the local, national and global level.

As MBA students in International Trade Management, learners can assess not only international trading risks, based on various foreign policies, changing global business environments and foreign exchange, but also assess the impact of political and legal factors on international trade and identify the other factors which impact global businesses and international trade.


International Business Basics of International Trade Export-Import Management and Policy International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Foreign Trade World Trade Organizations Elements of Export Marketing International Economics and Trade Theories
International Marketing Customs Shipping and Insurance Quantitative Techniques for Foreign Trade Exports Finance, Documentation and Procedure
Export Logistics Consumer Behaviour Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control Insurance and Risk Management in Foreign Trade
Accounting for Managers Global Business Environment Operations and Supply Chain Strategies Export-Import Procedures and Documentation
EXIM Financing Project Management Managerial Economics Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology
International Finance Business Ethics, Governance, Risk Computer Application in Foreign Trade Global Business Communication and Public Relations
International Business Laws

Are you keen to learn about the facts, theories, factors, policies, practices and principles pertaining to international trade? Do you want to hold a managerial position in organizations that are involved in international trade? If you are a problem-solver, a team-worker and have excellent communication skills and you would like to develop managerial competencies to work in an international trade environment, as well as formulate strategic solutions for a range of international trade related matters, then you need to enroll in an MBA program in International Trade Management, which will help you gain a competitive advantage.

There are countless job opportunities for knowledgeable and skilled professionals who have an MBA degree in International Trade. Some of these coveted positions are mentioned here-

  • International Trade Manager
  • International Trade Business Analyst
  • Foreign Trade and Business Analyst
  • International Business Consultant
  • Manager Global Trade
  • Trade Promotion Manager
  • Manager Trade Surveillance
  • Freight Auditor
  • Foreign Trade Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Consultant Trade Operations and Compliance
  • Trade Policy Advisor
  • Trade Lifecycle Manager