Advertising & Branding Management

“Advertising is the art of persuasion”-William Bernbach. Programs in Advertising and Branding provide the requisite knowledge and the tools and help develop those skills that are instrumental in transforming learners into accomplished advertising professionals, who are adept at the creative art of effective persuasion.

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Learning Outcomes

Learners pursuing programs in Advertising and Branding, gain thorough understanding of advertising theories as well as the concepts, processes and principles that are integral to advertising and branding various industries’ products and services. Advertising and Branding programs primarily develop marketing skills of the students, which helps them to identify and understand the response of customers with regard to marketing activities and proves to be crucial in working out and implementing various effective business development techniques and innovative marketing strategies.

Students acquire expertise in brand-building techniques and in carrying out brand research by using statistical methods and data sources. They get to hone their managerial skills and business communication skills, along with their analytical skills and learn to use a range of marketing tools for branding, pricing, distribution, segmentation and promotion of products and services and simultaneously gain excellence in taking efficacious marketing decisions. Advertising and Branding programs equip the learners with the knowledge and the skills to launch, build and successfully manage brands by leveraging advertising tools and techniques.


A combination of the following topics is taught in Advertising & Branding programs-

Project Management Business Environment Business Management Financial Management & Accounting
Regulatory Framework Marketing Management Organization Behaviour & HRM Quantitative Techniques for Management
Business Finance Strategic Management Operations Management Sales & Distribution Management
Communicative English Managerial Economics Business Decision Making Introduction to Business Analytics
Design Thinking Macroeconomics Supply Chain Management Financial Markets and Instruments
Entrepreneurship Building Brand Identity Branding Fundamentals Designing Branding Elements
Offline Advertising Online Advertising Research Methodology Creating Effective Advertisements
Ethics and Values Research Project Information Systems for Business Personal and Managerial Effectiveness

Advertising & Branding programs are apt for fresh graduates or working professionals who either aspire to have successful and lucrative careers in the field of Advertising and/or managing brands or are looking to boost their career growth in this realm by gaining relevant knowledge and essential skills.

Programs in Advertising & Branding enable access to employment opportunities in the following positions -

  • Brand Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Client Servicing Manager
  • Corporate Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations officer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Publishing Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Management Consultant