Agribusiness Management

Farming and related commercial activities are at the core of Agribusiness, a business sector that is involved in effciently producing, processing and distributing agricultural produce to the market. It is not limited to merely farming and extends to areas such as Microfinance, marketing, input supplies, entrepreneurship and value-addition, among others, in order to maximize profit and sustainable meet the requirements of consumers for agricultural produce.

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Learning Outcomes

The main goal of Agribusiness Management programs is to offer the knowledge and the skills that are needed to work successfully in the agricultural sector. Learners of Agribusiness Management programs become well versed in managing agribusiness and in making important business decision that minimize risk. Such programs provide ample knowledge about the marketing, exports, supply of raw material and the distribution functions of agribusiness and prapare learners for careers in this sphere domestically as well as internationally. Moreover, students learn about the use of modern technology in processed food production and packaging.

As a student of a program in Agribusiness Management, you will have the opportunity to develop professional global networks within the agricultural sector. You can even start your own agribusiness, especially in the marketing domain or in the distribution sector of agricultural produce.


A combination of the following topics is taught in most of the Agribusiness Management Programs-

Agri-Supply Chain Management Introduction to Agribusiness Management Finance and Government Support for Agribusiness Total Quality Management in Agri-Business
Agri-import and Export Management Derivatives with Commodity Futures Agricultural Marketing Agri-Entrepreneurship and Advanced Certification
Rural Marketing Marketing of Agri-Inputs and Outputs Indian Ethos and Values Agriculture and Food Retailing
Research Methodology E-commerce and Agri-Business Micro Finance and Social Enrepreneurship Quantiative Methods and Operations Research
Business Environment Business Policy and Strategic Management

Fresh graduates or graduates with work experience, who have an interest in developing their capabilities to excel as professionals in the agriculture sector, are ideal candidates for enrolling in programs in Agribusiness Management.

A degree in Agribusiness Management prepares learners with the requisite knowledge and skills for gaining employment in any of the following roles-

  • Farm Manager
  • Exporter
  • Retailer
  • Consultant
  • Agricultural Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Project Manager