Finance Management

Programs in Finance Management equip learners with the competencies that prepare them to excel in financial management; wherein they gain knowledge concerning the best practices pertaining to creating and evaluating financial portfolios, planning and organizing financial activities, monitoring outcomes and providing financial leadership.

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Learning Outcomes

A well-structured program in Finance Management delivers a thorough understanding of financial markets and equips learners with the knowledge and the skills needed for interpreting financial markets to utilize potential opportunities, developing and applying financial models with the aid of datasets as well as using quantitative techniques to take informed financial decisions, carrying out financial analysis, interpreting cash flow statements and generating financial reports, among other activities.


A combination of the following topics is taught in Finance Management programs-

Microeconomics Accounting for Managers Indian Economy & Policy Principles of Management
Macroeconomics Marketing Management Management Information System Legal & Business Environment (Micro & Macro)
Strategic Management Management Decision Research Methodology Human Resource Management
Business Analytics International Finance Business Intelligence Business Communication
Financial Management Business Ethics & CSR Financial Markets & Services Strategic Cost Management
Corporate Finance Project Management Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management
Mergers & Acquisitions Social Media Marketing Predictive Modeling Marketing of Financial Services
Organizational Behaviour Quantitative Methods & Statistics

Programs in Finance Management are apt for fresh graduates or working professionals who either aspire to have successful and lucrative careers in the financial sector or are looking to boost their career growth in this realm by gaining relevant knowledge and essential skills.

Programs in Finance Management open employment avenues for the following profiles-

  • Credit Manager
  • Cash Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Tax Consultant
  • Research Analyst
  • Bank Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Management Consultanteospatial Professional
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Risk and Insurance Manager