Business & Corporate Laws

Business Laws are the laws that govern commercial interactions and matters. It is the body of law that is applicable to the rights, conduct and relations of entities (persons, groups, organizations, businesses) that are engaged in trade, commerce, merchandising and sales. Regulation of commercial entities and regulation of commercial transactions are the two main types of Business Laws. Business Formation, contracts, lawsuits, etc. come within the purview of Business Law.

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Learning Outcomes

A program in Business & Corporate Laws helps learners understand the legal aspects that govern the operation of businesses. As a student of a program in Business & Corporate Laws, you will learn about the regulations and regulatory processes involved in setting up business and operating the same. You will gain an understanding of law’s normative and constraining aspects. This type of program will provide information on a range of important topics, such as raising capital, transactions in JV, M&A, FX market regulations, private placement, management and protection of IPRs, external commercial borrowings, private equity, liability, and venture capital investments.

With proficiency in international dispute resolution, along with knowledge of major foreign laws, you will become adept at managing global businesses operating in international legal environment.


Law of Contracts International Business Law Corporate Governance Corporate Restructure Law
Corporate Law Corporate Finance Corporate Finance Law Banking Laws
Joint Ventures Dispute Resolution Law Consumer Protection Act, 2019 Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)
Competition Act 2002 Insolvency Laws Bankruptcy Laws Foreign Investment Regulations
Corporate Governance Taxation Law IT Act (Cyber Context) Industrial Relations Laws
Labour Laws International Trade and Investment Law

Are you a graduate who is interested in gaining knowledge about Business and Corporate Laws? Enrolling in a degree program in Business & Corporate Laws will provide you the perfect platform. Even experienced working professionals, who are graduates, can enroll in this program if they are interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge about the various facets of Business & Corporate Laws

A degree in business and Corporate Laws prepares learners for gaining employment in the following roles -

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • legal Manager
  • Deputy General Manager- Legal(Corporate Law)
  • Legal Officer
  • Corporate Professional Head-Securities Law & Advisory
  • Compliance Officer
  • Legal Consultant
  • Manager in LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing)
  • Manager in KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)