Project Management

Project Management serves the purpose of completing and producing projects that comply with predefined objectives of clients. Specific tools, knowledge, techniques and skills are used for this purpose to deliver a desired result that adds value. It is through proper Project Management that teams are able to work collaboratively for attaining project goals within time and budget constraints.

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Learning Outcomes

Programs in Project Management equip learners with knowledge concerning effectively initiating projects along with efficiently planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and eventually properly ending projects. Students gain knowledge about project management strategies and learn how to recognize and mitigate risks as well as get to know about Project Management Methodology.

Upon completion of any Project Management program, learners will exhibit thorough understanding of project management design and its development along with the necessary deployments. Students will gain skills in using project management techniques and tools and will be able to develop and implement strategies by identifying and using key performance metrics to ensure the success of projects.

Programs in Project Management are designed to provide understanding of the challenges and implications of organizational dynamics with regard to the management of projects. As a student of a Project Management program, you will learn how to effectively manage the cost, quality and the delivery schedule of a project, as well as how to align critical resources for this purpose. Project Management programs prepare learners for engaging project management teams and successfully leading these teams.


A combination of the following topics is taught in Project Management programs-

Operations Strategy Project Scope Management Production / Operations Management Principles and Practices of Management
Project Cost Management Management Information Systems Management Information Systems Introduction to Project Management
Project Quality Management Introduction to Agile Management Project Communication Management Project Human Resource Management
Project Integration Management Project Stakeholder Management Project Procurement Management Project Integration Management

Fresh graduates or graduates with work experience, who aspire to become Project Managers, and want to gain expertise in managing projects successfully and are eager to develop the competencies that are needed in this regard, will find programs in Project Management well aligned with their professional goals. Additionally, those that are looking for managerial positions and lucrative salaries as well as working professionals seeking salary hike and/or promotions will benefit greatly by earning a degree in Project Management.

Programs in Project Management enable access to employment opportunities in the following positions -

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Information Technology Project Manager
  • Environmental Research Project Manager
  • New Product Development Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Portfolio Manager