Applied Finance

Programs in Applied Finance are designed by experts to equip learners with the knowledge and the skills needed to develop financial strategies that are aligned with business plans and find as well as execute innovative solutions for unstructured issues concerning the management of investments. Applied Finance programs cater to developing portfolio management skills, financial acquisition and investment skills as well as offer a thorough understanding of global investment necessities and prepare learners for analyzing and managing advanced investments.

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Learning Outcomes

Learners of Applied Finance programs develop advanced theoretical knowledge and technical skills for effectively managing portfolios, derivatives and risk, as well as for making successful corporate financial decisions and investment decisions. Applied Finance programs equip students with the competencies to manage investments strategically, ascertain risk-return and recommend strategies for managing risk.

Students gain knowledge about portfolio construction, debt markets and corporate valuation and learn to prepare cash flow reports, financial projections, financial statements, budgets and balance sheets. Equipped with knowledge about analytical techniques and skills for finding solutions to complex financial issues, students of Applied Finance programs can rely on their financial know-how for the efficient operation of any business.


A combination of the following topics is taught in Applied Finance programs-

Business Economics Quantitative Methods Financial Reporting and Analysist Ethical and Professional Standards
Corporate Finance Portfolio Management Equity Analysis and Evaluation Fixed Income Securities and Analysis
Alternative Investments Economics for Valuation Derivatives and Application Quantitative Methods for Valuation
Portfolio Management Business Accounting and Analysis Derivatives- Valuation and Strategies

Programs in Applied Finance are apt for fresh graduates or working professionals who either aspire to have successful and lucrative careers in the field of Applied Finance or are looking to boost their career growth in this realm by gaining relevant knowledge and essential skills.

Applied Finance enables access to employment opportunities in the following positions -

  • Research Analyst
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Capital Markets Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Services Sales Manager
  • Corporate Investment Banker
  • Actuary
  • Investment Consultant
  • Trader
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Personal Financial Advisor