Business Administration

Activities that are meant for ensuring proper functioning of business operations and their supervision are part of business administration, which has to do with commercial enterprises’ administration. Business administration is responsible for the effective management of a business in its entirety and takes care of the daily operations, performances, finances, human resources, information systems, technology adoption and every aspect of a business to help it function seamlessly and attain its goals and objectives.

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Learning Outcomes

Programs in Business Administration are designed to ensure that students acquire comprehensive knowledge regarding business management practices and concepts as well as learn about the emerging technologies that are instrumental in supporting innovation and sustaining the growth of businesses.

Students of Business Administration programs become adept at using quantitative and qualitative techniques for analyzing business information and excel at applying theoretical knowledge along with problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making skills to arrive at feasible business solutions.


A combination of the following topics is taught in Business Administration programs-

Production Management Operations Management Business Mathematics and Statistics Principles and Practices of Management
Operations Research Financial Management Management Accounting Organizational Behavior
Financial Management & Accounting Marketing Management Human Resource Management Financial Management & Accounting
Business Law Business Economics Material Management Management Information Systems

Fresh graduates or graduates with work experience, who want to acquire thorough knowledge about the functioning and administration of businesses and develop the competencies that are needed in this regard, are ideal candidates for enrolling in programs in Business Administration. Those that are looking for managerial positions with lucrative salaries and working professionals seeking salary hike and/or promotions will benefit greatly by earning a degree in Business Administration.

Programs in Business Administration prepare learners for the following positions-

  • Administrative Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Brand manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst